Most of my contract or freelance projects are usually under NDA, but I maintain quite a few personal projects.

Current Projects

Eden's Hope - Our first project as CheapDevotion Games. More information will be provided in the near future.

Shelved (for now) Projects

HitPoints App - a mobile pedometer app with an API designed specifically for games. Walking while this app is active will benefit you in the games that implement the API.

Gist Todo - a node.js based commandline application for managing your Todo.txt file as a Github Gist.

Past Projects

GameBuild - A preconfigured gruntfile for building HTML5 games and webapps as desktop applications using node-webkit.

Unity Steganography - A Unity class for store data inside the pixel data of an image.

AnimTools - A simple animation tool built with HaxeFlixel for artist Ryan DeGange to test and tweak his spritesheet animations.

GitHub Repositories

From time to time, I work on or contribute to quite a few open source projects. Feel free to browse, fork or use any of these projects.